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What we have
  • Your equipment tested, qualified or certified?
  • Support for test definition, dedicated test equipment manufacturing or test set-up?
  • Support for model validation?

Specialized knowledge, experience and over 20 different facilities for environmental testing. We can advise you, or support you, throughout the entire testing process from establishing test requirements and test definition, to test set-up and execution. If required we can apply ISO 17025 or Military MIL-STD-810 standards. We also can assist you in validating your own models of your test subject.

Our environmental testing facilities cover the following tests:

  • Climatic (temperature, humidity, salt spray, fluid contamination, altitude, thermal vacuum, fungus, pressure)
  • Mechanical (vibration, shock, acceleration, static load)
  • Electric (emi/emc, esd, hirf, lightning)
  • Radiation (total dose, proton, heavy ion, californium Cf-252)
  • Acoustics (acoustic noise, transmission loss)


    Related Issues

    • ABD100 testing
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    • Classical shock test
    • Clean Room (ISO 14644 class 8)
    • Combined mode vibration test
    • Conducted emission
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    • Electrodynamics shaker system
    • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
    • Electromagnetic interference
    • Electromagnetic pulse (EMP)
    • Electromagnetic quantities measurement
    • EMC testing
    • Environmental testing
    • High intensity radiated fields (HIRF)
    • High temperature test
    • Humidity test
    • ILD
    • Indirect effects of lightning
    • ISO 17025
    • Low temperature test
    • MIL-STD-810
    • Radiated emission
    • Radiated susceptibility
    • Random on random vibration test
    • Random vibration test
    • Resonance survey test
    • Salt spray testing
    • Shock response spectrum test (SRS)
    • Shock test
    • Sine on random vibration test
    • Sine vibration test
    • Slip table
    • Thermal vacuum
    • Ultra high vacuum
    • Vacuum chamber
    • Vibration test
    • Waterproofness testing