Social responsibility

NLR uses its knowledge, resources and networks for idealistic or charitable purposes. It offers employees the opportunity to perform volunteer work during working hours or make their knowledge available to public organisations. NLR employees have participated in Alped’HuZes to raise funds for the battle against cancer. Other employees participated in a mountain bike tour across Europe for Duchenne Heroes to raise money for research into a cure for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). Moreover the chairman of the Advisory Council and the chairmen of the Advisory Committees of NLR hand over their attendance fees to the Hoogvliegers Foundation.


NLR seeks solutions for sustainable aviation that are economically sound. At the same time the solutions have to operate within the boundaries set by society with regard to sustainability and environmental issues. NLR is directly involved in the development of more fuel-efficient engines, lighter aircraft, more silent landing procedures and the use of bio-fuels.

NLR demonstrates its green credentials internally too by, for example, offering flexible working hours to reduce the amount of time and fuel spent by commuters. NLR has also reduced its amount of paper and energy use, and car and aircraft mileage has been made carbon-neutral. Publications are printed on high-quality FSC-certified paper.