16:00 – Session #1

  • Introduction (2 minutes) – Devenport (VT)
  • Facilities, development and characterization (10 minutes each):
    • Christian Back, Andreas Fischer and Oliver Ackermann, DTU, “Design and validation of the aeroacoustic setup of the Poul la Cour Tunnel”
    • Hiroki Ura and Kazu Yamamoto, JAXA, “JAXA’s aerodynamic and acoustic correction Methods for a Kevlar wall test section”
    • Con Doolan and Alex Skvortsov, UNSW & DSTG, “Australian Aeroacoustic Measurements using a Kevlar Wall System”
    • Mate Szoke and William Devenport, Virginia Tech, “Acoustic impulse calibration of the VT Stability Tunnel Kevlar Test Section”
  • Applications (10 minutes each):
    • Mahdi Azarpeyvand, U. Bristol, “Airfoil near-field comparison for a test section with and without Kevlar wall”
    • Daniele Ragni and Salid Luesutthiviboon, TU Delft, “Turbulent boundary-layer trailing-edge noise measurements in closed test-sections with hybrid Kevlar and melamine installations”
    • Lou Cattafesta, Florida State, “Comparison of high-lift measurements made in Kevlar and hardwall test sections”
    • Hao Guo, Beihang U., “Aeroacoustic measurements of high-lift devices in D5 wind tunnel”

17:30 – Session #2

Open discussion potentially including:

  1. Long term themes for the workshop
  2. Collaboration on developing aeroacoustic data sets
  3. Common calibration procedures
  4. Scaling issues and facility modeling with computational and analytical methods.