Do you need
What we have
  • Performance and emission calculations and forecasts?
  • Flight testing, in flight measurements (e.g. for contrails)?
  • Endurance tests of alternative fuel (life cycle assessment)?
  • Emissions, engine performance and health monitoring (short term and long term maintenance effects)?
  • Improved injection systems, engines, materials (seals, coatings), combustion (lean burn) for your retrofit programme?
  • An evaluation of alternative fuel candidates?
  • Fuel compatibility validations (motor airframe, fuel system, other systems)?
  • Qualification/Certification conforming to ASTM or UK MOD standards?

Expert knowledge on, and specialized facilities for, simulation, gas turbine research, flight testing, collaborative engineering, determination of the environmental impact of aviation and new concepts on alternative fuels and energy for aviation. We have performed demo flights in the B-747 and Apache AH-64 to test alternative fuels.

We are involved in NATO-RTO (AVT 159), EDA (Green Power) and apply ASTM (D02) – Standards for Aviation Fuels.

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