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What we have
  • Engineering support in dedicated Modelling and Simulation solutions for aircraft systems (aerospace, UAV’s, military systems)?
  • Sophisticated models and algorithms for application in multidisciplinary engineering fields (design of aircraft systems)?
  • Time and costs reduction for aircraft systems design and validation?

Expertise and experience in developing advanced Modelling and Simulation solutions for application in various engineering fields in Aerospace (Aircraft, Unmanned vehicles). Application areas are multidisciplinary design and optimization, health monitoring, damage detection, failure diagnostics, model based damage predictions in aircraft components (e.g. airframe, engines, etc.), integrated simulation data and process data management, dynamic impact modelling, non-linear stress and loads analyses, behaviour analysis, control design, digital data filtering algorithms, automatic object detection and identification methods, reliability models and failure analysis.

Major customers are Airbus, Fokker Aerostructures, ELMO, Netherlands Ministry of Defence, KLM, ALENIA, Turbomeca, PBS, IVCHENKO, Piaggio, EVEKTOR

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