Do you need
What we have
  • guaranteed human thermal comfort in confined spaces under varying conditions?
  • to achieve good air circulation and refreshment?
  • to optimize the positioning, sizing and shape of inflow and outflow nozzles of a heat, ventilation and Environmental Control System (ECS)?
  • to attain compliance with specific environmental regulations?
  • to predict the perceived comfort level of passengers within the thermal environment?
  • advice on your vehicle thermal balance?
  • a validated multi-node human thermoregulation model
  • an extended range of pressure and relative humidity capabilities, from deep sea to space
  • prediction capabilities of human thermal votes
  • asymmetrical thermal loading possibilities
  • coupling of thermoregulation model with high-quality Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for ECS-analysis, design and optimization
  • a choice of options for visualizing and presenting thermal comfort analysis results
  • a balanced advice to achieve first time right ECS-design
  • a track record in vehicle environment heat balance and thermal comfort studies

Our models allow for simulation of confined spaces (aircraft cabin, train, ship, submarine, bus, car, building) under various environmental conditions (Summer, Winter, low altitude, high altitude, surface, deep sea).

Additionally we can simulate convection, inflow speed, radiation, human metabolic rate, clothing ensemble, skin wettedness and inclusion of heat sources from equipment and machines.

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