Do you need
What we have
  • Effective deployment of your weapon systems in a potentially hostile environment?
  • Good knowledge of the performance of your weapon systems?
  • Technical assessment of threat systems and enemy tactics?
  • Support in tactics development, evaluation and validation?
  • On-site technical and tactical support of your operations?
  • Mission analysis and debrief which leads to improved training value?
  • Decades of experience providing military operations support and research
  • Expertise on aircraft performance, lasers, radar systems, infrared sensors, SAM, A/A, A/G systems, weaponeering
  • Vast experience in real-life operations support, tactics and training
  • Assessment, modelling, simulation and validation of weapon systems for which limited data is available
  • A unique threat database system that links weapon systems with its subsystems, characteristics, capabilities and proliferation (TRM)

Our major customer is the Netherlands Ministry of Defence.

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