12/09/2023 - 15/09/2023


All day


Royal Victoria Dock 1 Western Gateway, London E16 1XL

Contact Person

Arno Rook

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NLR provides direct operational support to our Ministry of Defence – MoD in both training environments and during actual deployments. NLR has been embedded with detachments during large scale multi-disciplinary international and joint exercises such as Red Flag and Frisian Flag. In addition, direct operational support is provided by making threat analysis and bringing them into relation with the characteristics of our own platforms, such as their signatures and countermeasures. NLR has profound knowledge of the Netherlands’ fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft, their subsystems, the weapons they use and their employment tactics. Mission planning and debrief is also amongst the cornerstones of the support NLR provides to our MoD. At the operational level, NLR addresses interoperability opportunities, command and control, decision support and performs operations research.

While providing operation support, NLR has also been the Royal Netherlands Air Force primary training innovation partner for decades, setting up competency based training curricula for both ab initio and continuation training. The ultimate goal of training innovation is optimized training in which units maintain high readiness levels throughout the year while personal training needs are addressed such that the best fitting training time, training event, and use of training media (ranging from apps to LVC setups) are known. Such minimalization of training gaps is being guided by Performance Based Training (PBT) approach and tooling.

Striving towards overall high readiness for a unit while trying to fulfil personal training needs for each individual pilot as well is a challenge that requires advanced optimization algorithms for scheduling, taking needs into account as well as constraints with respect to availability of personnel, assets and air space. We anticipate that such optimized PBT scheduling can only be achieved with an integrated LVC (Live Virtual Constructive) based data-driven ecosystem, including Embedded Training, MTDS, Virtual Cockpits, AR/VR applications, Smart Bandits, and an EBS CD&E environment.