Evidence Based Training

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Evidence Based Training

The future of the the professional pilot has been our concern for 100 years, and EBT is the next evolution.
We’re here to make it the best it can be. For you. And for your pilots.

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We can help organise getting started with EBT, or help get more out of your programme if you are already running EBT.

Programme Evolution

Whether you transition from legacy or A(T)QP, we can help your EBT team in the next transition to principles, mixed- or baseline EBT.

Instructor Effectiveness & Concordance

Better instructors provide better data, which drives better training. We help in (re)training and aligning your instructors for an EBT programme.

Software & Analytics Solutions

In collaboration with Use Before Flight QTMS, we offer smart, R&D-based decision support analytics to improve instructor concordance (ICAP) and EBT programme effectiveness.

Regulator Guidance

Our perspective on reliable, effective performance based training can help regulators get a good grip on the EBT concept and associated best practices in safety risk oversight.