EBT Quick Scan

EBT Quick Scan

Ready for EBT?

Transitioning to EBT is a big project and should be considered and prepared thoroughly. Our quick scan provides fast and lean support to guide your decisions about EBT implementation. We help you identify any potential risks but also identify key benefits of EBT applicable to your specific operation/situation. This prevents unwelcome surprises down the road, and improves stakeholder engagement and confidence in your EBT ambitions.

Our quick scan helps aspiring EBT operators to define an effective implementation strategy. In addition, we also support operators with existing (Mixed-)EBT programs with an EBT Performance Scan of your EBT programme to help you find the root cause of performance issues, or opportunities to enhance your programme performance. This quick scan can then also connect into our Program Design Workshop to help set out a roadmap to the next evolution of your EBT program.

EBT Quick Scan

We collaborate with your training team to identify whether EBT is right for you, and the specific pitfalls and benefits to implement EBT. This quick scan can be performed within several weeks and includes engaging stakeholders such as (training) management, your NAA, possible pilot unions and your instructor corps. Our quick scan includes a series of meetings to discuss several key aspects of implementing or evolving your EBT program, and delivers a compact report that summarizes our finding and recommendations.

EBT Introduction Workshop

As EBT is a big change and a big project for your organization, it is important to make sure all stakeholders are aligned from the beginning. Our EBT Introduction Workshop is a half- or one-day workshop that engages all relevant stakeholders such as management, NAA, other departments (e.g. IT) unions and instructors to understand EBT, its benefits and the steps to implement. This is intended to be a low-cost and easy-access workshop in which stakeholders are able to make more informed decisions about their role and position towards EBT.

EBT Performance scan

If you are already running a (Mixed-)EBT program, we offer an EBT Programme Performance Scan to identify problem root causes or opportunities of improvement. We tap into our broad expertise of all aspects of EBT to identify which changes will give the most improvement in the effectiveness of your EBT program. This scan can take between a few weeks to a few months and observes EBT training management, EBT training delivery, regulatory compliance and the results/impact of the EBT program. This scan engages several different members of our team and includes both online meetings as well as on-site observations. We summarize our findings in a full scan report which includes our unique EBT program root-cause model to help you gain an overview of your EBT program, where it functions well and where it needs reinforcement. Our report includes recommended actions to improve performance.

Key aspects of NLR support

Tailor made

Our quick scans are always shaped to your specific situation. Every operator is different, and therefor each quick scan whether initial or for performance, is customized to fit your organization and program.


We engage multiple disciplines in our team, ranging from active flight instructors to human factors specialists and regulatory experts. We always integrate with your existing team to share knowledge and experience.


We are based in Amsterdam, but we are experienced in catering to the whole world. We can work locally on-site as well as remote, flexible to your specific needs.

Relevant experience

GAP Analysis
TUI/ARKEFLY, SwissGrid, Aegean Airlines

Training Needs Analysis (TNA)
RNLAF Fast Jets, RNLAF Heli, CAE Business Jets, KLM ATQP, LVNL OPS-change, LVNL Lelystad Airport

NLR Safety Culture Assessment
KLM, Qantas, Vietnam Airlines, TUI, etc.

EASA Relations
RMT.599 working group (and others), Flight Time Limitations, Startle & Surprise Training, simulator certification

Quantified Value Analysis
KLM, Passme EU project, Startle & Surprise Training EASA

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KLM Cityhopper

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Edzard Boland

Expert in training development, analysis and instructor training.


Frederik Mohrmann

Expert in EBT quality management and regulations.