EBT Regulator Guidance

EBT Regulator Guidance

From compliance to competence

Our regulator support is oriented toward knowing the difference between reliable, effective EBT programmes and those that are not. As EBT programmes develop and training programmes migrate from prescriptive regulations to performance-based regulations, CAA and oversight organizations must lead the way when it comes to setting performance indicators and acceptance criteria. EBT is a positive evolution for the better of aviation safety, however it absolutely depends on meaningful and empowered oversight to drive the quality of EBT to its maximum potential.

A new era of regulation

Effective oversight of performance based training programmes such as EBT require regulators to gain a thorough understanding of the different risks that these programmes present as compared to legacy programmes. The role of regulators will shift from one of compliance checking, toward one of active risk assessment and performance valuation. This shift requires new knowledge, competencies and attitude.

EBT Training
for Regulators

For effective oversight of EBT programmes, it is essential to understand the philosophy, principles, practices and implementation process of EBT. We share our knowledge on EBT instructor development, programme development and performance insights (including instructor concordance – ICAP) to provide you a solid knowledge base for your EBT oversight programme. Our training is tailored to your needs in scope and duration.

EBT Performance
Criteria Guidance

The oversight of performance based training requires a shift from prescriptive, compliance-based approval methods to performance-risk balancing methods. One of the most difficult aspects of this change is setting suitable criteria and performance requirements that permit the growth, learning and development of EBT programmes, while at the same time ensure an adequate (and at a minimum equivalent) level of safety of operations. We help regulators with stakeholder engagement, setting criteria for EBT programmes, and support the possible development of safety ases and risk analyses for such oversight changes.

What you get

This is always tailored to your needs


We are up to date on the latest regulatory developments concerning the EASA Opinion published December 2019, and readily integrate with your existing national regulations. We work with the latest insights in training performance to stimulate the best practice within your governing scope.


Our regulatory support makes full use of our expertise, combining training experts well versed in EBT with training performance experts en safety & regulatory experts to provide you with the experience you need to strike a responsible balance between innovation and safety.


We are based in Amsterdam, but we are experienced in catering to the whole world. We can work locally as well as remote, flexible to your specific needs.

Relevant experience

EASA Relations:
RMT.599 working group (and others), Flight Time Limitations, Startle & Surprise Training, simulator certification

Safety Case:
Rijkswaterstaat, A380 @ EHAM, Twente Airport, Avinor, SIRA Lithium Batteries KLM, Intro runway-incursion alerting system, etc.

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Frederik Mohrmann

Expert in EBT quality management and regulations.