EBT Software & Analytics Solutions

EBT Software & Analytics Solutions

Let our software do the hard work.

To manage the complexity of a data-driven programme like EBT, top-quality software and analytics are a necessity to get the most from your EBT programme. We have integrated our training and user-centred design experience with Use Before Flight’s QTMS platform, to provide solutions that make collecting and analysing data easier, more reliable and more supportive of decision making. In this digital age, software should be working for you, not the other way around.

Partner in quality

Since 2019 Royal NLR is partnered with Use Before Flight (UBF) in the QTMS suite.
QTMS provides complete software support for EBT, and has been designed from the ground up with EBT and EBT users in mind. NLR is proud to expand the QTMS suite with assessment and analytics solutions specific to EBT programmes.

Integrated with UseBeforeFlight QTMS

All the features below are EBT training software solutions developed in the NLR-UBF partnership. All these solutions are embedded within the UBF Qualification & Training Management System (QTMS) suite, and can be added or removed per request. Fully flexible, software the way you want it.

Assessment software made by training experts

ORCA Asssessment App

This revolutionary EBT assessment app is rooted in training delivery R&D to provide instructors with a more intuitive, time-efficient and accurate way to assess crews during busy simulator sessions. By reducing instructor workload and improving assessment accuracy, this app contributed to more reliable EBT data, and sharper training needs analyses.

A leaner, more efficient way to standardize instructors

Mobile Instructor Concordance App

In order to compare instructors in their ability to assess, they need to observe the same content. Training data does not provide a good base to compare instructors, and classroom sessions are often infrequent and time constrained. Our application allows your instructors to make video assessments with your own grading scheme anytime and anywhere, home or on the go.

By collecting more data continuously with this application, your Instructor Concordance Assurance Programme (ICAP) can target specific interventions and tailor instructor refresher programmes.

Clear, actionable concordance assurance

Concordance Assurance (ICAP) Dashboard

True instructor concordance requires dedicated concordance data, for example from our Concordance App, which permits identification of concordance weak spots. With many modes of non-concordance and different problems requiring different solutions, our dashboard provides user-friendly analytics to guide you through concordance assurance and improvement, and comply with the latest ICAP regulations.

Do you need ICAP analytic support quickly or do you have already software and data? We can also help you by analysing your ICAP data for you in short notice.

Training decision support in your hands

Training Analytics Dashboard

With training data coming it during each and every module, fast and accurate analysis of this data facilitates better course correction of your next EBT module. Our Training Analytics Dashboard is designed by training experts with the end user in mind. Our dashboard provides useful information in identifying training weak spots, and helps differentiate between big problems and small problems.

Do you need training data analytics support quickly or do you have already software and data? We can also help you by analysing your training data for you in short notice.

Launch in April 2020  

Fully customizeable to your EBT programme

All the apps and dashboards are fully customizeable to your EBT programme and oversight situation. We provide support in determining appropriate acceptance criteria – including ICAP criteria – and we can also help in the dialogue between you and your CAA to set appropriate criteria that strike a responsible balance between sufficient EBT programme reliability and the effort required to run an EBT programme. For more information see our Regulator Guidance module.

User centered design

Designed by trainers for trainers. QTMS and our analytics solutions are developed from the perspective of the user: you. Our software must be intuitive and do what you need it to do. No more, no less.

Agile software

We are happy with new feature requests! QTMS and our analytics solutions are continously in development, so that it can learn and flex to new insights in training, EBT and data analytics.

Cross-platform support

QTMS and our analytics solutions are designed for maximum flexibility and can be accessed by phones, tablets, laptops or other device.

Cloud as an option

QTMS and our analytics solutions can be hosted in your local data servers, or we can manage cloud hosting for you.

How we can get you started

This is always tailored to your needs

3 months

We can already implement initial EBT software in a period of three months. This depends on the number of features required and possible migration from other systems.


We deliver our software with configuration support. This means that analysis types, acceptance criteria and other settings in the analytics model are customize to the needs of your EBT programme, and perhaps to your regulators requirements. All settings can be modified by yourself at any time.

Here to help

Need help getting started with data analytics? We don’t leave you swimming when you’ve chosen for our software. With a team of both training and analytics experts standing by to help, we don’t just provide software, we provide a better grip on your training.

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Owner/CEO of UseBeforeFlight Solutions.