How we engage with clients

EBT quick scan - brainstorm

EBT insights workshop

Looking for a first – lightweight  – orientation into EBT? Need to engage internal and/or external stakeholders? And do this in as little as one day?

Experts on your EBT team

Is your EBT team under-resourced and you could use some help? Or are you looking for EBT expertise on-call, anytime?

EBT training courses

Looking for an concrete instructor training course, standardisation course or data-analytics course?
Either directly or train-the-trainer?

Software & analytics products

Just looking for the software tools with or without support? Or do you need a one-off analysis of your data?

Your custom project

Need help with a scoped piece of work? Looking to offload an EBT implementation plan, external review, or expedite implementation?

EBT insights workshop

Align internal and external stakeholders and learn about EBT latest developments and best practices with a low-cost, accessible event.

Bring people together

This highly interactive and engaging workshop is a great way to align internal and external stakeholders. Inspiring collaboration between trainers, managers, regulators, unions and more.

Less than a day

With many busy schedules to align, short and sweet is the name of the game. The ideal group is 15-25 people, but we can facilitate up to 50.

Expert(s) on your team

Don’t wait until EBT problems grow too big, and engage our EBT expertise immediately – where and when you need it.

Offload your team

Keep your project moving at a steady pace and reduce the risk of project delay by supporting your EBT team with dedicated project members (or even project managers).

Flexible monthly fee

Whether you need a part-time or on-call advisor, or full-time team members, we offer a tailored monthly fee that fits your team and schedule.

EBT training courses

Looking for an EBT course? We deliver them where and when you need it. Ready to go, or tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

Two courses

EBT Initial Instructor Training is delivered where and when you need it. Mix and match modules as you need.
EBT Oversight Training is a thorough training in EBT concepts as well as performance-based oversight. Adapted to your needs.

Dual-expertise and flexible modules

Our modular and customised courses are delivered by a team of experienced instructors and training experts, thus giving you the benefit of practical experience supported by solid science.

Software & analytics

We provide off-the-shelf software products in collaboration with Use Before Flight (UBF) QTMS. Also, we offer bespoke data analytics services. Either way, we are ready to assist you on your journey to the next EBT milestone.

Unique training & software expertise

Royal NLR and UBF offer a unique combination of training expertise and software expertise. When you purchase our software, we help you implement, train and configure your software and make sure it delivers the best-in-class training value.

Modular, easy licencing

All our software products are modular and can be combined as you need it. You only pay for the features that you need. Need a one-time analysis and don’t want to buy software? We offer this as a service as well, fully tailored to your needs.

Your custom project

Whether you need help in implementing a portion of your EBT programme, or looking for an external review – we have experience in offloading and delivering results in bespoke projects.

We can help in many areas of training

  • Implementation plans
  • Business plans
  • Software acquisition
  • Regulator liason
  • Data analytics
  • Non-EBT related questions

Experienced project managers

We have many years of experience in managing and executing projects, and will help you in scoping and costing. Tap into our science base as well as our project experience.

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Frederik Mohrmann

EBT Team Lead & programme performance expert