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Press release, 8 April 2019 – His Majesty King Willem Alexander has awarded the Royal predicate to the Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR) in honour of its 100th anniversary. This prestigious designation is the crowning glory on NLR’s work as a […]

The Virtual Block Control concept makes use of Virtual Stop Bar positions on a controller display and aims at reducing the size of control blocks that are used under low visibility conditions to achieve sufficient spacing between taxiing aircraft. Within […]

‘Supporting the entire life cycle of aircraft’ will be NLR’s theme at the Paris Air Show 2015, emphasizing NLR’s ability to support the entire development process of aircraft components and new technology, from the initial idea through to implementation.

Unmanned Cargo Aircraft (UCA) can be both cheaper to operate and more productive than manned cargo aircraft. Cheaper because less personnel is required; one controller on the ground can handle a number of UCA and on long flights there is […]

The ‘Automated Composite Manufacturing Pilot Plant’ is widely regarded as a key step in developing expert knowledge of composites in the Netherlands. Composites are increasing replacing steel or aluminium parts in the aviation industry; moreover, composites are often stronger, more […]

The DERPHOSA project saw NLR joining forces with several partners to work on new technology for cockpit displays. The new technology sailed through validation testing in 2014, at a 10-km altitude in extremely bright sunlight.

In this video NLR shows how to help you change Air Traffic Management (ATM): with solutions through research. The video presents innovative ATM-solutions for, amongst others, safety and training, on human factors, environment, serious gaming and how to reduce inspection […]