NLR recently organized a technology day with the theme ‘Improved Design of Advanced Lightweight Composite Structures with the Aid of Computational Modelling Tools’.

The emphasis during this technology day was on the use of simulation as part of integrated design, especially for companies that are predominantly engaged in manufacturing.

To reach the audience of SMEs, the technology day was held during the spring meeting of the Association Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering (SAMPE) Benelux. The event was well attended by participants from SMEs, companies, research institutes and universities from the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

The participants responded enthusiastically to the knowledge on display and the time and cost saving effects of simulations in aircraft designs made of composite or hybrid materials. Moreover, the guided tour of NLR’s test facilities was much appreciated, and also showed that NLR is capable of facilitating the entire process, from design to full-scale testing.

This meeting was held in conjunction with the Knowledge for Policy (Kennis voor Beleid) Research ‘Integrated Design of High Tech Systems (Knowledge Based Engineering)’, a line of research that is linked to the Roadmap Aeronautics Manufacturing & Maintenance of the Topsector High Tech Systems and Materials.