Okko Boelens from NLR

Okko Boelens from the National Aerospace Laboratory (NLR) was recently awarded the prestigious NATO RTO-AVT- Panel Excellence Award for his work on vortex dominated flows. The annual award was presented in San Diego during a meeting of the Applied Vehicle Technology (AVT) Panel. This panel is part of the NATO Research and Technology Organisation (RTO).

Boelens received the award for his important contributions to various workgroups within NATO-RTO in the area of vortex dominated flows. Within these workgroups (Applied Vehicle Technology, AVT), research is conducted via trans-Atlantic collaboration on amongst others the vortex flows around fighter aircraft and low-observable UAVs.

A field that has emerged as a current research area, is the onset and progression of vortices on wings with rounded leading edges. The characteristics of vortices formed on these rounded leading edges are not as well-understood as those formed on sharp leading edges. A good understanding of the physics of vortex flows is crucial for determining the various properties, such as stability, load and performance.

During the award ceremony, Boelens was commended as a role model for how RTO, and more specifically AVT, brings together talented researchers, in order to form teams that can achieve more than an individual researcher working alone.

For more information:  https://www.nlr.org/capabilities/flight-physics/