Which services does the facility offer

The Netherlands Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems Test Centre NRTC in Flevoland offers accredited training services for commercial RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft System, also called drone) operators. NRTC is a Registered Training Facility accredited in the Netherlands by the Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) of the Ministry of Infrastructure.

RPAS flight operations can be conducted on-site to support the training activities since the NLR test center has dedicated air space for conducting RPAS operations.

Who can benefit from these services

RPAS/drone suppliers and operators, policy makers.

How to get access to the facility

You can get access through an agreement with NLR. You will find the contact info on the right.

Detailed description of the facilities / service

The training comprises the safe operation and control of RPAS and correct act in case of emergencies. All flight exercises vary in level of difficulty during the training. Furthermore, all exercises are to be flown in most manual flight mode as requested by the CAA-NL.

RPAS-pilot Theory Training
  • Consists of 3 days in which all legally required subjects are taught and include a returning session for the examinations
  • Includes the follow theory subjects: RPAS General Knowledge, Principles of Flight, Performance and Planning, Air Law, Meteorology, Human Factor, Navigation, Operational Procedures and Flight Preparation
  • Provides, after positive completion of all examinations, a NLR theory certificate that is accepted by the CAA-NL as part of the required documents for obtaining a RPA-L
  • Is given at the NLR facilities in Amsterdam.
RPAS-pilot Practical Training
  • Consist of a first group lesson day organized to introduce the practical training and to give an indication on level of experience
  • Consists of practical flight training in blocks in the morning or afternoon in which flight skills are trained
  • Teaches all exercises in most manual mode as required by the CAA-NL
  • Takes place at the NLR RPAS Test Center in Marknesse using NLR training RPAS
  • Takes place after successful completion of a RPAS-pilot Theory Training (including flight preparation)
  • Trains the RPAS-pilot for flights within Visual Line Of Sight (VLOS), VFR daylight, above unpopulated areas, and not above buildings
  • Will be given individually (or as requested with a maximum of two trainees) and planned in consultation with the flight instructor
  • Is provided for the following RPAS types:
    • (H): Helicopters and Multi-Rotors in the weight class 0 to 25 kg.
    • (A): Aircraft in the weight class 0 to 25 kg.

The examination date will be planned in mutual agreement between the student and the instructor.