The NLR Management Team consists of the following members:

  • Michel Peters – Chief Executive Officer
  • Mark van Venrooij – Division Manager Aerospace Systems
  • Henk van Dijk – Division Manager Aerospace Operations
  • Bert Thuis – Division Manager Aerospace Vehicles
  • Johanneke ter Hennepe – Chief Marketing Officer
  • Jessica van den Engel  – HR & Organisational Development

From left to right: Mark van Venrooij, Jessica van den Engel, Michel Peters, Johanneke ter Hennepe, Henk van Dijk, Bert Thuis.

Organisation chart

Whisteblowing Policy

The NLR Whistleblowing Policy outlines the circumstances under which it applies to reporting potential misconduct, breaches of European law, or integrity violations, along with the prescribed procedure to follow.