Your Career at NLR: Empowering Growth and Development

At NLR, we offer a dynamic career path that allows you to grow from a junior role to a senior position. Your journey here is influenced by your own development and dedication. As a junior at NLR, you’ll be guided in your daily tasks by experienced colleagues who are eager to help you succeed. Over time, you’ll have the opportunity to continuously advance and take on greater responsibilities in larger projects, aligned with your skills and aspirations. We are committed to supporting you through various training programs, which encompass both technically-focused courses relevant to your daily work and more generalist training, such as project management, presentation techniques, and negotiation skills.

For experienced specialists, our commitment to growth remains unwavering. You’ll have the chance to further deepen, broaden, and apply your knowledge and expertise. As you take on a more independent role in projects, you’ll become a valuable partner for our clients while mentoring and guiding less experienced colleagues.

We believe in nurturing your well-rounded development not only within work but also outside of it. At NLR, you’ll find countless opportunities to flourish personally and socially. Our various departments organize annual outings, and weekly gatherings create a vibrant and engaging atmosphere. Additionally, we host football and volleyball competitions, along with regular activities organized by our staff association, including participation in international events.

Join NLR and embark on a fulfilling career, where your growth and potential are embraced, and your contributions are valued.

Work with us

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Gender Equality within NLR

The Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR) recognises the importance of gender equality in research. At NLR, this is not just a goal within research: to us, gender equality is part of the overall way we approach diversity, inclusivity and equality.