Do you need
What we have
  • Support with an accident or incident investigation?
  • Specialist advice during an accident or incident investigation?
  • Analysis of flight or radar data?
  • Analysis of flight performance and dynamics?
  • Systems, components, materials or structure investigation, testing or analysis?
  • Over 25 years of experience in supporting military and civil accident and incident investigations in the Netherlands and abroad, as an independent investigation body.
  • A group of experienced safety investigators. They have received dedicated training in aircraft and helicopter accident investigation.
  • Our investigators are competent in areas such as aircraft technology, aircraft & helicopter performance, flight data analysis, regulations, and human factors.
  • We provide specialist expertise and research & test facilities for a broad range of topics which will provide your investigation with specialist research, testing, analysis or review.

We offer the following services:

  • On-site technical support for the field investigations
  • Investigation and analysis of:
    • Flight data and radar (track) data
    • Flight dynamics and performance
    • Mechanical evidence (parts, components, materials)
    • Mechanical and structural failure and fracture analysis
    • Flight crew human factors
    • Safety culture and safety management practice
  • Teardown and analysis of aircraft systems, structures, components, or instruments
  • Simulation, from software simulation up to full scale, full motion flight simulation
  • Analysis of the factual information gathered in the course of the investigation to determine a plausible sequence of events, failure modes or causal factors
  • Identification of recommendations to improve safety and prevent future accidents.

Track record

We have supplied customers with safety experts and air safety investigators in direct support of an investigation committee. Among our clients are the Royal Netherlands Air Force, the Dutch Transportation Safety Board and several international Safety Boards. We have supported the investigation of over a hundred accidents and major incidents ranging from fighters and heavy transport aircraft such as F-16, Boeing 757 and C-130 Hercules to helicopters and general aviation aircraft.

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