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What we have
  • Design and product- or component-development for innovative Airborne Wind Energy (AWE) concepts?
  • Advanced analysis and optimisation of your wind energy system behaviour?
  • Structural design of innovative lightweight components for wind energy systems?
  • Material selection for high-load long-endurance components for your wind energy system?v
  • Support for your evaluation in off-design conditions of your wind energy system?
  • Strength, endurance or quality testing of components for wind energy systems?

The aerospace specialists with the right knowledge and expertise, as well as the right tools, for design, analysis, certification and environmental evaluation. Aerodynamic and structural design analyses and optimisations, flight controls, avionics and operations, certification and safety assessments are part of our daily business.

We can investigate AWE operations. Flight cycle evaluations can be performed with NLR systems for flight analysis and monitoring with NLR’s Flight track and aircraft Noise Monitoring System FANOMOS. This includes visualisation and assessment of local impacts (e.g. applicable for safety, noise, visual, environment) of AWE operations. With respect to safety, airworthiness and certification aspects of AWE systems, we can provide specific investigations into rules and legislation.

Of course we can also provide you with expertise for advanced analysis and optimisation, structural design and strength, endurance or quality testing of components for wind energy systems.

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