Do you need
What we have
  • To perform a concept study at aircraft level?
  • To evaluate different design solutions given multiple multidisciplinary requirements?
  • To determine the propulsion system requirements for an innovative aircraft, e.g. with hybrid electric propulsion?
  • To calculate weight estimates for aircraft concepts?
  • To estimate the performance of novel aircraft concepts, e.g. in terms of environmental impact?
  • A long track record in aircraft multidisciplinary design and optimisation (MDO) including collaboration with international industrial and research partners
  • Conceptual design and sizing methodologies for conventional and (hybrid-)electric propelled aircraft
  • Corresponding efficient and integrated tooling: MUCH – MUltidisciplinary Conceptual design of Hybrid electric aircraft
  • Aircraft propulsion and mission modelling capabilities

Related Issues

  • Aircraft performance analysis
  • Mission optimisation
  • Multidisciplinary analysis
  • System power requirements