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Effective selection and use of training media and technology?

  • Are you looking for an optimised blend of training tools to improve your training effectivity?
  • Are you thinking of purchasing training media like simulation, Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) or e-learning and do you want to ensure effective deployment of (new) training technology?
  • Did you buy a training tool and find it hard to implement it in your training organisation in an effective way?
  • Do you have high-end simulation tools that are overbooked with too many training tasks?
  • Do you think that certain tasks in high-fidelity simulators could also be trained with alternative training means?
  • Do you want to develop competent and flexible operators in complex operational environments?
  • Do you want cost reduction?

There are many overlaps in the combination of existing training technologies and which make them less effective and cost-efficient. You need to know what training technology and media is needed and what the capabilities of (new) training technologies are. But also you need to know how they impact the total training environment. For example, modifications in the training design, different instructor roles and different planning processes might be necessary to ensure effective and efficient use of the training media. Since, the better the training technology and tools are integrated in the training concept and design, the higher the effectivity.

A multi-disciplinary team and a structured process called CAPABLE (Comprehensive Analysis Process for Aviation Blended Learning Environments) that we can apply within your organisation, in cooperation your experts. In this process, we will analyse your training needs and define corresponding media requirements. Once the outcome of the media requirements is clear, the correct training technologies/media will be selected or developed. Subsequently the impact on the training environment and the effectivity will be defined. This process substantiates media selection and gives arguments to invest in, and implement training technology and media in an efficient and effective manner.

Benefits of CAPABLE are threefold:

  • Future proof
    The outcome of the process is not a training tool but a set of user requirements that supports you in selecting the proper tools. This makes the process future proof, as technology evolves and tools become old fashioned. CAPABLE helps you to define and maintain an effective blend of training media, from everything between live and high-end simulation training to low-end simulation and lecture. Additionally, guidelines are given on how to integrate these tools in the training design in order to ensure training effectivity.
  • Supports the latest training concepts
    CAPABLE supports modern training concepts like competency, evidence and performance-based training. Currently training is primarily theory and (partially) task based, while training should actually be focussed on competencies and performance. Operational tasks, including complexity levels, should be used as a vehicle to analyse competencies and define training media requirements. It is important to define tools that ensure overall competence and flexibility rather than training specific tasks.
  • Evaluation of training effectivity
    CAPABLE encompasses techniques to evaluate the integrated training system and measure training effectivity. It is important to measure if the training needs are fulfilled; does the employee master the correct skills and competencies after the training, but it is also important to evaluate if the blend of learning solutions is still in line with the needs, since technological capabilities and training needs evolve.

CAPABLE offers a tailored, structured approach towards an integrated training solution for complex operations and organisations. It helps you to make choices and guides you towards well founded decisions. Due to the big variety in training organisations a dedicated process needs to be run. To achieve an optimised result the quality of the input is crucial.

CAPABLE is built in cooperation with EASA and is tested in several projects with major airlines, training media developers, the Royal Netherlands Air Force and educational institutes.

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