Do you need
What we have
  • Continuous, up-to-date information on your operations, processes, assets, and system performance
  • Insight, understanding and predictive capabilities by integrating data from various sources and by discovering patterns in data
  • Optimisation of operations and processes to increase your efficiency, safety and service provision
  • Tailor-made information: correct, right on time, need-to-know for specific users
  • Access to the relevant source data

Data are available in ever increasing volume, variety and velocity. To optimize your processes and operations, and to access up-to-date information, it is essential to collect, integrate and analyse these data. NLR is the one-stop shop to support the entire data ‘chain’, from data-acquisition and advanced analysis to information visualisation and decision support. Our expertise in (big) data and aerospace enable you to turn data into intelligence and deliver practical solutions for your needs.

We offer

  • A one stop shop supporting the entire data chain from data acquisition and advanced analysis to information visualization and decision support
  • Consultancy, services and solutions that are data-driven and based on high quality data-acquisition, processing, analysis and reporting
  • With our combination of aerospace and data expertise we translate your needs into valuable data-driven solutions
  • The development, implementation and integration of smart sensors for data acquisition

NLR offers extensive expertise, experience, technology and data to address the needs and challenges of our customers. Knowledge matters: combining data expertise with aerospace domain knowledge is paramount to deliver valuable and tailor-made solutions. We apply big data activities in the following domains:

  • Earth observation and C4ISR
  • System performance, efficiency and asset management
  • Operational performance management
  • Design, manufacturing, testing and qualification

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