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What we have
  • Robust, secure and safe end-to-end space systems and information. Many critical applications in aviation, mobile transport, telecommunication, and energy depend on information retrieved from satellites
  • Mitigation of the cyber security risks of your space and ground systems and the possible impact on the safety of the user community
  • Confidence in the cyber security solutions in your design of space and ground segments
  • Awareness, continuously, of the cyber security events and consequences in your end-to-end space system
  • Insight in the rapidly changing developments related to cyber security solutions and legislation and the impact on your system
  • We perform unique cyber security risk assessments through a dynamic and hierarchical approach
  • We advise on solutions to mitigate cyber security risks
  • We perform cyber security and robustness tests by use of NLR’s Space System Simulation Laboratory (EUROSIM, STK, MATLAB/SIMULINK, MOSAIC) for space and ground system simulation and RF signal generation tools (incl. GNSS spoofer)
  • We train system operators, and create awareness of the cyber security risks in your system, through a unique security event modelling tool

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