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  • Energy performance analyses of aircraft with varying system configurations, e.g. with alternative propulsion and power solutions such as hybrid electric, more electric or hydrogen based systems?
  • Evaluation and optimisation of fuel, energy and emission results of current and future aircraft missions?
  • Insight in the feasibility of alternative propulsion and power systems on various aircraft types: e.g. as retrofit on existing aircraft types or on new and radical aircraft concepts?
  • Insight in the impact of various technology prospects on future aircraft energy performance? Or inversely, insight in the technological requirements to fulfil different “What If” scenarios?
  • A long term experience in aircraft performance modelling and simulation following a multidisciplinary approach
  • Deployment and continuous development of methods for energy performance analysis of novel aircraft through active collaboration with European research and industrial partners in relevant research projects
  • Efficient tooling for mission performance and scenario analysis of aircraft with hybrid electric propulsion (MASS), with models of various complexity levels, depending on the needs.

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