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What we have
  • A design and experimental verification of the engine nacelle and exhaust acoustic lining material?
  • A quick look comparison between the damping characteristics of a series of acoustic liner panels?
  • To validate the effects of grazing flow on the acoustic impedance?

A wind tunnel with a 0.30 x 0.15 m2 test section, an SPLmax 155 dB and a max. flow at Mach 0.8. This Acoustic Flow Duct Facility FDF is perfectly suited for carrying out acoustic and flow field measurements on wall mounted sound absorbing materials (liner samples) applied in engine air intake and exhaust systems. In order to achieve maximum acoustic damping, accurate simulation tool development is on-going. Our focus is the prediction of acoustic waves of hot gases in variable diameter exhaust systems with acoustic lining. Our highly skilled workforce brings extensive experience in structural design, aerodynamics, aeroacoustics and thermodynamics.

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