Do you need
What we have
  • a new or modified system or application on your aircraft, and the certification process has told you that the means of compliance is through flight testing?
  • support with setting up a flight test in the area of military or civil flight testing?
  • to know how to setup a flight test program for a fixed wing, rotary wing or unmanned platform (RPAS, UAV, UAS, or drone)?
  • instrumentation for your flight test?
  • to get a clear view on the flight test process, test cards, test points and other related topics?

Flight Testing is a means to collect (evidence/research) data. All processes related to flight testing are covered within Flight Test Support: from defining requirements to preparing flight test plans, realisation of instrumentation suites and provisions and finally support of test flight execution and data analysis.

NLR has a sustained and balanced workforce and facilities to serve customers and stay on track with future developments.

This is what we have for you:

  • flight test support staff with competence and seniority
  • flight test engineering capabilities
  • extensive flight test instrumentation equipment suite to measure all kinds of phenomena onboard the aircraft
  • means to perform in-flight video capture, also possible in high-speed
  • data recording facilities to store flight test data in a.o. Chapter10 data format
  • data analysis system to perform data mining on the huge amounts of flight test data
  • training courses on flight testing, flight test instrumentation, and data analysis

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