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What we have
  • One cost efficient simulator for all your research and training needs
  • Reduced lead times for requested changes during simulation exercises
  • Ability to simulate new operational concepts and procedures such as CDOs, Interval Management and Time Based Separation
  • CWP displays that can emulate any commercially available in-hardware system like R/T and communication panels
  • Adherence to industrial interoperability standards


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NARSIM is developed fully in-house with a focus on modularity and configuration and is based on COTS hardware.

With NARSIM you are able to:

  • Develop, visualise and validate (new) ATM Concepts and Procedures, such as Pilot Common Projects (PCP), A-SMGCS, datalink and Remote Tower operations
  • Simulate future airport operations and controller working positions with Human-in-the-loop
  • Support qualitative and quantitative Safety Assessments
  • Customise controller working position displays
  • Visualise any airport using 360degree projection
  • Integrate Tower simulator with Radar simulator
  • Integrate third party systems whilst maintaining scalability and performance
  • Prototype any Human Machine Interface (HMI)
  • Run NARSIM as training simulator for Air Traffic Controllers
  • Adjust the scale of the simulation; from large scale validation trials to small scale (even laptop based) prototyping and visualisation
  • Perform Remote Tower simulations
  • Record the simulations and use the data for training purposes
  • Prepare, analyse and post-process simulation data
  • Run simulations and train with a high fidelity

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