Do you need
What we have
  • An objective way to demonstrate impact of noise reduction measures?
  • A means to demonstrate the (reduction of) noise from aircraft, wind turbines, road traffic, trains, or industry?
  • A way to visualise the community in a realistic virtual reality environment?
  • To examine the impact of noise reduction measures, both from the source, as by shielding or other measures?

The Virtual Community Noise Simulator (VCNS) is a unique facility that brings together expertise on noise sources, atmospheric propagation, reflections and absorption in a way to experience future noise impact for all stakeholders.

  • A fully-immersive 360 degrees virtual reality simulator including 3D positional audio
  • A way to demonstrate on location your noise impact solutions for groups between 1 to 600 people
  • Expertise to translate and validate noise impact to the location and environment from where it is observed
  • The presented sound levels are validated and calibrated with a dummy head

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