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An objective assessment of operator:

  • mental workload
  • stress levels
  • fatigue
  • attention / alertness
  • activity

for ATCo’s, pilots or other aerospace related operators.

NLR has a long standing track record of operator state assessment. Pilots, air traffic controllers, train drivers, signallers, touring car chauffeurs or even knowledge workers, they all will experience workload, stress, fatigue, attention deficits every now and then in their profession. NLR can objectively measure these phenomena.

NLR has equipment ranging from very accurate ECG based heart rate measurement to un-intrusive activity tracking devices. These can be applied in a variety of experimental or operational settings. Often in combination with subjective measurement tools, other bio-behavioural measurement instruments and operator performance indicators.

NLR can execute measurements, analyse the data and provide their customer with concrete reports about operator state.

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