Do you need
What we have
  • Analysis of the noise impact of RPAS, either for detectability or noise pollution on the ground?
  • A registration system for aircraft movements, including RPAS?
  • Measurement and analysis of performance data of RPAS?
  • Future scenario studies on the use of RPAS, complementary or as replacement of current air vehicles, taking into account environmental aspects (noise, emissions, third party risk)?
  • Efficient use of RPAS for military purposes?
  • Policy support for the use of RPAS in public air space?
  • Visualisation of new operating procedures or new types of RPAS?
  • Use of RPAS for ground-based observation or noise measurements?
  • Insight in third party risk due to RPAS usage?
  • A long track record on environmental policy for noise, emissions and third party risk in the highly regulated country of the Netherlands
  • International experience with projects in countries including Germany, Italy, China, and India
  • Military-grade clearance, facilities, and experience
  • Systems for the registration and analysis or aircraft movements
  • A Virtual Noise Community Simulator (VCNS) that allows for a full-immersive 3D view of an RPAS including 3D noise simulation facility

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  • UAS flight tracking
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  • UAS noise monitoring
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