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Runway incursions involve the incorrect presence of an aircraft, vehicle or person on the protected area of a surface designated for the landing and take-off of aircraft. Runway incursions have sometimes led to serious accidents with significant loss of life. Although they are not a new problem, with increasing air traffic, runway incursions have been on the rise. There are many causes related to runway incursions making it hard to quickly identify the risk levels and define mitigating measures. Many airports struggle to identify the actual risk levels and the appropriate mitigations against the rise of runway incursion.

Basically any airport runs a certain risk of a runway incursion. However due to specific characteristics some airports have a higher vulnerability than others. NLR has developed as simple and effective runway incursion risk vulnerability model that makes the important risk contributors visible. The model is developed using a taxonomy-based approach. Based on the results of previous studies on the causes and contributing factors of runway incursions, a set of risk factors is selected that represents the most important determinants of runway incursion risk. Subsequently, the risk factors will be given a weight reflecting their relative importance for the risk of runway incursions. Likewise a set of risk reduction factors is developed. Together with an analysis of runway incursions that occurred at your airport, NLR can quickly asses your airport’s runway incursion risk level and provide you with mitigating measures that could be effective for your airport. This approach has been applied successfully by NLR at several airports.

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