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Safety management is a systematic, explicit process for the management of safety risks, that integrates operations and technical systems with financial and human resource management. The concept of safety management reflects that safety cannot be purely a matter of compliance of the different applicable rules and regulations.

Although such regulatory compliance is a necessary condition to create a basis for the achievement of an acceptable level of safety, in itself it does not guarantee high and consistent safety levels within aviation systems. For this reason safety management is an inherent and integral part of the operations of all stakeholders, such as ANSPs, airports or airlines, in the air transportation sector.

The effectiveness of safety management depends largely on the way safety management processes are implemented and embedded within an organisation. In this respect it is of particular importance how safety data is translated into safety information, how this information is used to define the top safety risks, how the top safety risks are managed by mitigation strategies and how the results of these processes are disseminated.

NLRs Safety Institute supports the assessment of the safety management system (SMS), its design, the organization, resources and procedures, and the development of specific elements of an SMS such as safety policies, safety performance monitoring, and safety assessments.

For several customers in and outside the aviation domain – we have put our expertise to the test, for instance:

  • For Amsterdam Airport Schiphol support has been provided in incident data analysis as part of the integral safety management system Schiphol
  • For the airport of Geneva the safety management processes relevant to the airport have been reviewed
  • Under contract with the Royal Netherlands Air Force the Safety Institute has introduced Operational Risk Management with this organisation as an essential element of safety management
  • For a fast-growing airline in the leisure travel market we supported the transition into a next maturity level of the Safety Management System
  • We helped Swissgrid, the Swiss transmission grid operator, to develop their SMS.

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