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What we have
  • Insight into the third party risk caused by an airplane crash?
  • Environmental planning and safety zoning around an airport?
  • Reduction of risk and protection of people in the vicinity of an airport?
  • Analysis of risk policy due to air transport?

A renowned third party risk model and calculation methodology, which is accepted by the Dutch Government as the legal standard of risk analysis for all Dutch airports and is referred to in the ICAO Airport Planning Manual on Land Use and Environmental Control.

Expertise and facilities to:

  • Assist government policy-makers in setting up initiatives and guidelines for third party risk policies and defining safety zones
  • Support airport authorities in evaluating the feasibility of development plans and traffic scenarios by conducting dedicated third party risk analyses (along with noise and emissions)
  • Provide local authorities and private companies information and experience on third party risk in relation to their development plans around an airport
  • Map out safety zones for civil airports, military airbases and inland heliports.

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