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Cutting-edge innovations, strong performance, efficient deployment, modular features, expanded operational possibilities, efficient and sustainable solutions for operations and maintenance of Unmanned Rotorcraft Systems (URS, or Rotorcraft RPAS), all at high safety standards? Or you have airworthiness issues or need to comply with (international) regulatory developments or certification standards?

Two decades experience in (rotorcraft) RPAS research, combined with nearly a century’s experience in the field of manned rotorcraft. We offer independent R&D and consultancy to each URS stakeholder.

We can support you with our ample experience in the Airworthiness, Qualification and Certification of both manned and unmanned aircraft. Also, you can contact us for know-how and involvement in RPAS Regulations, including activity in EUROCAE WG-73 and WG-93.

Our Design & Development capabilities include:

  • Concept feasibility studies
  • Remote Pilot Station development
  • Rotor design & optimization
  • Rotor performance, dynamics & aero-elasticity
  • Rotor simulation and ground testing
  • Rotor loads & fatigue
  • Airframe loads & aerodynamics
  • Systems integration
  • System Safety & Hazards Analysis
  • Health & Usage monitoring
  • Multi-disciplinary Testing & Analysis

Our Test capabilities include:

  • Flight testing and flight data analysis
  • Acoustic testing (i.e. Noise Source Identification)
  • Environmental testing (i.e. climatic, vibrations, EMC)
  • Wind tunnel testing
  • Experimental flight and ground operations

Our Operational and Operator dedicated capabilities include:

  • Procurement support
  • CONOPS & Operations
  • Crew training
  • Avionics & payload integration
  • Configuration management

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