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  • Alternatives, such as virtual tests, for costly physical test campaigns?
  • To simulate your test article in its test setup with realistic boundary conditions and loads?
  • To evaluate the influence of a manufacturing defect on the performance of your part?
  • To evaluate the influence of variations in the test setup on the test results?
  • Support with the certification of your component?
  • Virtual testing methods to reduce costs and risks associated with physical testing.
  • Modelling capabilities for metal and composite test articles in their test setup.
  • Testing facilities such as test machines for coupon testing and (customized) test rigs for panel, component and full scale testing.
  • Manufacturing facilities such a pilot plant with an automated fibre placement machine, resin transfer moulding machine, heated press, autoclave, braiding machine, pick and place robot and many more.
  • Collaborative environment for simulation, manufacturing and testing teams.
  • Knowledge of testing procedures with their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Analytical, numerical and experimental methods to investigate the effect of a defect like fibre waviness on the stiffness and strength of a composite material.
  • Non Destructive Inspection (NDI) methods to inspect test articles on manufacturing defects from coupon to component level as input for virtual testing.
  • Optical 3D deformation measurement during physical test for correlation with virtual test.

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