NLR - NARSIM logoOn 10 October the new vision system of NARSIM Tower has been put into use. With this vision system upgrade, which includes 17 WUXGA projectors, air traffic controllers will experience an even more realistic outside view. Compared to the old vision system the resolution has quadrupled, which significantly improves the visibility of small aircraft, stop bars and guiding lights. In addition, it greatly enhances brightness and contrast.

NARSIM Tower consists of a 360 degrees horizontal and 40 degrees vertical projection plane, allowing for simulation of the outside view from a control tower. Five air traffic controller positions are available, each with three TFT screens and optional 21-inch pen tablets. Additionally positions for a supervisor, departure clearance or snow desk can be added.

The tower simulator allows for simulation of realistic weather conditions, such as poor visibility, snow, rain, and day and night conditions. Obviously, the Schiphol area can be simulated , but also several other regional and international airports including Rotterdam, Beek, Eelde, Milan Malpensa, Luxembourg , Innsbruck and Paris Charles de Gaulle. The vision system can also be used for other visualization applications such as Google Street View.

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The upgraded NARSIM Tower simulator