Royal NLR has been an ambitious, knowledge-based organisation for more than a hundred years, with a deep seated desire to keep innovating. To that end, we offer specific, innovative solutions and technical expertise. We do this for instance at NLR’s state-of-the-art research infrastructure and field labs, simulators and wind tunnels.  

Since 1919, our professionals work tirelessly on new technology, never hesitating to think outside the box when developing market solutions that match contemporary trends and respond effectively to global challenges. In the series ‘NLR People’, we show you who these experts at the Royal Netherlands Aerospace Centre are, what drives them, and what they are working on behind the scenes.

Jos Vankan

Making it work: sustainable aviation

Ellen van Leeuwen

Using data to comply with noise standards and regulations

Johan Kos

A mathematician’s search for sustainable aviation solutions

Carlina Grispen

Linking technology and tactics for the Defence Department

Maria Montero

Turning additive manufacturing into a standard production route for aerospace

Marthijn Tuinstra

The magic of aeroacoustics: the noise created by airflows

Jenny Eaglestone

The human side of aviation

Roel van Benthem

‘We’ll be flying in hydrogen-powered aircraft ten years from now’

Jürgen Teutsch

‘We’re moving towards new forms of airborne traffic’

Arjan de Jong

Aircraft design for maintenance

Arun Karwal

From calibration to zero-G test flights