NLR works on Air Traffic Management (ATM) in both national and European context. For the latter NLR is actively involved in SESAR, the major European ATM research program. SESAR stands for Single European Sky ATM Research and provides support to the EU’s ATM Master plan, aimed at ultimately creating a new European ATM system with associated procedures. In a consortium with LVNL (Air Traffic Control the Netherlands), NLR works towards the realisation of the Single European Sky.

NLR conducts research aimed at supporting and improving operations at airports, using collaborative processes involving the various parties to further improve the situation at the respective airport, with a good example of this being adaptations made to aircraft arrival and departure management.
NLR is also gearing up to contribute to the new SESAR 2020 programme. Together with our partner DLR, NLR is a candidate-member of the SESAR Joint Undertaking.