Safety Institute


Management, Assessments, Cases, Regulations, Performance and Culture


Management, Culture and Flight Data Monitoring


Certification, Studies, Assessments and Culture


State Safety, Performance Based Oversight, Accident and incident investigations

NLRs Safety Institute (the former NLR Air Transport Safety Institute) develops and applies world-class knowledge and expertise to improve air transport safety. We support worldwide all stakeholders in air transport to understand and resolve complex safety implications of the new technologies and operations necessary to accommodate growth in air transport. Amongst our customers are air navigation service providers, aviation authorities, airports and airlines.

Our mission is to deliver pragmatic and well-founded advice to resolve safety and operational issues in a cost-effective manner. Each year we get more than 50 assignments from returning as well as new customers, including air navigation service providers, airports, airlines, and authorities from around the world. Our results are well appreciated, in particular because of our thorough and objective data analysis and our experience in dealing with specialties.

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