Our Customers

NLR translates scientific knowledge into smart technological ideas based upon which the industry can develop concrete and competitive products. It thus serves as an intermediary between universities and businesses. NLR also provides materials for policy development by the ministries that are responsible for the safety and environmental aspects of air transport. NLR generates 75% of its turnover from paid contracts from the Netherlands and other countries, from governments to aircraft manufacturers, and from civilian to military clients. About half of NLR’s industrial activities are carried out on behalf of small and medium-sized businesses.

Our Partners

NLR participates in European aviation projects which are designed to increase safety for passengers and crews and increase the capacity of airspace and airports. The knowledge acquired by NLR during these projects is partly intended to answer questions from the Dutch government and industry.
The European programme Clean Sky, for instance, is focussed on developing breakthrough technologies to increase the environmental performance of airplanes and air transport. This will result in less noisy and more fuel-efficient aircraft and will also contribute to achieving the Single European Sky environmental objectives.
NLR works closely together with other research institutes such as the TNO and MARIN, and at an international level with ESA and the German DLR. DLR and NLR are partners in AT-One: the European ATM research alliance.