Do you need
What we have
  • Benefits for Air Traffic Control by using advanced aircraft technologies like ASAS and data link applications?
  • Support during implementation of advanced technologies related to on-board equipment and procedures in the ground ATM system?
  • A verification test with real aircraft to demonstrate the correct implementation of new technologies and procedures in the ground ATM system?
  •  Tender Documents to purchase new ATC equipment ensuring interoperability with current and future aircraft equipment?

Knowledge, experience and simulators to develop a concept of operations and conduct a study to assess its feasibility with respect to:

  • Benefits compared to expectations (capacity, efficiency and environment)
  • Human performance aspects like ATCo work load, situational awareness and acceptability
  • Cost (personnel cost, equipment cost, recurring cost)
  • Safety
  • Readiness of airspace users (is the equipage level of aircraft sufficient to realize the benefits?)
  • Law and rule making

We also have

  • Experienced aviation researchers and engineers who can advise and support you during the implementation of such concepts of operations in your ATM system
  • Two laboratory research aircraft representing jet and propeller aircraft that can fly with all available different types of aircraft equipment to test systems and procedures
  • Knowledge about the performance and availability of current and expected future aircraft equipment of many airspace users that can be translated into realistic and feasible requirements for ATC manufacturers. These requirements ensure seamless co-operation between ground and airborne equipment

Related Issues

  • Aircraft systems in ATM
  • ATCo work load
  • Controller pilot datalink
  • Data link application
  • Equipage
  • Pilot intention
  • Situational awareness