Do you need
What we have
  • High precision force measurement solutions for wind tunnels?
  • In-model force measurement solutions for control surfaces?
  • Force measurement solutions in rotating systems, including signal conditioning and/or transfer?
  • Integration of balance hardware in your wind tunnel or wind tunnel model?

50 years of experience in the design and manufacture of wind tunnel balances and related wind tunnel equipment. NLR designs and manufactures wind tunnel main balances (internal or external) for operation under various conditions (pressurized, cryogenic). Parameter optimization routines can be incorporated in the design process by means of Finite Element Methods.

In addition to wind tunnel balances, NLR can provide force measurement solutions to increase the functionality of your —smart- wind tunnel model. NLR develops in-model force measurement solutions for control surfaces and complete six-component rotating shaft balances for propeller force measurements. Rotating shaft balances can be equipped with on-board electronics for signal conditioning or acquisition and contactless transfer (telemetry system).

Related NLR capabilities in the field of model design/manufacture, data-analysis, (dynamic) response measurements and aerodynamic flow prediction, greatly contribute to the integration of balances into wind tunnels and models.

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