Do you need
What we have
  • To validate a new Air Traffic Management (ATM) concept
  • To implement a new arrival or departure procedure
  • To optimise TMA operations based on Performance Based Navigation
  • To modify your route structure
  • To evaluate an airspace change
  • To develop or evaluate a new ATM support tool
  • To build or expand an airport


Royal NLR has an extensive track record in the design, development and validation of new ATM concepts, procedures and ATM support tools, and can provide

  • Working methods based on proven international standards (E-OCVM, EUROCAE)
  • ATM operational expertise that allows us to speak your language and converse on equal terms
  • A clear view on your aims and a focus on achievable results
  • Skilled experts that are able to translate your desired goals into concrete plans

NLR has ample experience in Operational Concept Development for every aspect of Air Traffic Management and has helped customers worldwide in improving their ATM operation through applied Research and Development.

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  • Concept of operation
  • Distribution of roles
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