Do you need
What we have
  • To assess the runway capacity of your airport? Because circumstances have changed or new procedures have to be implemented?
  • To get insight into your airspace capacity? Because traffic will increase and redesign of your airspace might be inevitable?
  • To get insight into the controller workload? Taking into account complexity of operations?
  • To evaluate and compare different ATM concepts of operations?
  • To assess the impact of new operational procedures?
  • To assess the impact of (temporary) measures on airport or airspace operations?
  • To evaluate or validate airport or airspace layout design changes?
  • To visualize air traffic operations on the airport or in the airspace?

Changes, be it in airport or airspace layout as listed under ‘Do you need’, are almost inevitably associated with new operational concepts. Such new concepts of operation need to be analysed and evaluated extensively in order to evolve from several initial ideas to a single, mature operational concept ready for implementation.

To support you, whether you are an airport operator or air navigation service provider, we offer you our fast-time simulation capability and expertise to address your issues and to answer the related questions. The airport and/or airspace is modelled in detail and fully in accordance with the specific requirements for the particular question to be addressed. Your own operational experts are involved in the development and validation of these models, yielding highly realistic simulations of aircraft operations, contributing to the support from the different stakeholders involved.

New design layouts or operational concepts can then be quickly developed in these reference or baseline models, as only the differences with current practice have to be implemented. Fast-time simulations thus allow for a very quick implementation of different ideas and concepts, whist their implications can be visualised and analysed immediately by assessing the relevant key performance indicators.

Fast-time simulation plays an invaluable role in airport and airspace concept development and change assessments as fast-time simulations can quickly narrow down the various initial ideas to a limited set of favourable candidates. If further evaluation by means of real-time simulation is desirable, which we also can provide, only the few favourable concepts need to be assessed, saving time and money to identify the most favourable concept for implementation. Our tools and experience can quickly be deployed to address your issue.

NLR has a broad experience with the application of fast-time simulations, covering the whole range from airport as well as the airspace domain. Fast-time simulations have been performed for airport operators, air navigation service providers and (airport and airspace) consultants.

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