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  • Aerodynamic, Aero-acoustic or combined design & analysis of your aircraft, wings, tail, fans or other components from computational modelling to wind tunnel  and flight tests?
  • Aero-elastic analysis of your design, further extended towards wind tunnel and flight tests?
  • Expertise in Power & Thermal Management of your system from computational modelling to validation by (flight) testing?
  • Validation of your own analysis of aerodynamic forces and moments, transonic flutter analysis or the mitigation of unwanted Limit Cycle Oscillation properties contained in your design?
  • An analysis of the Loads in the complete flight envelope, including aerodynamic loads, gust loads, buffet loads?
  • The use of six degrees of freedom (6DOF) aerodynamic models for flight dynamic design & analysis?
  • Expertise in computational electromagnetic modelling & analysis?
  • Research into new Flight Physics & Loads phenomena or algorithm development in the field of Computational Physics?

NLR offers ‘beyond state-of-the-art’ Computational Physics solutions to complex aerospace problems. With a multidisciplinary approach, we are able to combine our computational expertise with experimental disciplines over the entire life-cycle of an aerospace vehicle (aircraft, rotorcraft, rocket, drone/UAS/UAV, etc.).
Computational Physics for us means: Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Computational Aero-Acoustics (CAA), Computational Electro Magnetics (CEM), Computational Aero-servo-elastics (CAE), Aero-Thermo Dynamics (ATD), Computational Flight Dynamics and Loads.

With our experience and inhouse developed computational physics tools, we are able to provide:

  • Aerodynamic (CFD) & Aero-acoustic (CAA) & Aero=servo-elastic (CAE) design, analysis and optimization of full aircraft or components. E.g. laminar wings, winglets, fans, wing-engine interaction, rotor-rotor interaction, store separation, ultra high aspect ratio wings, new aircraft propulsion configurations
  • Flight dynamic simulation of a full powered aircraft in flight, real-time coupled to flight simulation
  • Design & optimize for (low) Noise of a full aircraft or components
  • Develop a reproducible and validated aircraft integrated power, thermal & mechanical simulation model for a representative set of flights
  • CFD to Wind tunnel to real flight modelling expertise
  • Expertise to develop new flight physics algorithms and tools
  • Verify and validate computational simulations by using hardware tests, such as hardware in the loop, wind tunnel tests and flight tests

We operate an up-to-date, specialized computer infrastructure, including an Integrated SGI ICE-X / HPE Apollo / ATOS Sequana High Performance Computing (HPC)  cluster.

We also offer you our eCFD capability for running your own CFD calculations on our infrastructure:

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  • Aerodynamic moments
  • Aircraft component aerodynamic design
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  • Computational aero-acoustics (CAA)
  • Computational aero-elastics (CAE)
  • Computational electro magnetics (CEM)
  • Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
  • Counter rotating open rotor (CROR)
  • Drag-thrust bookkeeping
  • eCFD
  • Engine airframe integration analysis
  • Fixed wing aircraft
  • Flight physics
  • Flight shape
  • Ground loads
  • Jig shape
  • Launcher
  • Load sequences
  • Loads analysis
  • Manned aircraft
  • Manoeuvre loads
  • Multi-constraint optimisation
  • Multi-disciplinary design of aircraft configurations
  • Multi-objective optimisation
  • Multi-point optimisation
  • optimisation
  • Preliminary design of aircraft configurations
  • Primary flow gas turbine
  • Primary gas path
  • RCS modelling
  • Seal aerodynamic analysis
  • Second opinion
  • Secondary flow gas turbine
  • Secondary gas path
  • Simulation of helicopter rotor
  • Six degrees of freedom aerodynamic model (6DOF)
  • testing and evaluation program (DT&E)
  • Through flow analysis gas turbine
  • Turbine cascade design
  • Unmanned aircraft
  • Virtual development