Do you need
What we have
  • To evaluate and optimise motion cueing algorithms for motion based flight simulators?
  • To assess the effects of motion on pilot performance?
  • A full flight simulator with fully programmable motion drive algorithms (MDA) / motion cueing algorithms (MCA)
  • A motion control computer that can run classic motion drive algorithms and can be replaced completely by user defined algorithms
  • A simulator cockpit layout that can be configured to represent different types of aircraft with for instance side stick, centre stick or control column and wheel flight controls
  • A set of aircraft simulation models ranging from a small business jet to a large transport aircraft
  • A flexible software environment which enables efficient integration of software. Software languages include Matlab Simulink, C, C++, Fortran or any customer specific language.
  • Knowledge and experience to design and conduct experiments to evaluate and optimise motion cueing algorithms and pilot performance
  • Tools for monitoring and recording any variables of interest in the (motion) simulation
  • Video registration of cockpit overview, the individual pilots and cockpit displays
  • Tools to measure human factors which produce data on the workload of the pilots and the accuracy of controlling the aircraft
  • A dedicated staff of research engineers and flight simulation specialists to support your human-in-the-loop experiments
  • A choice of a wide range of interconnected ground-based experiment facilities including desktop flight simulators, a mock-up flight simulator, a high fidelity moving base flight simulator or choose your own application using our modelling and simulation tools

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  • Aircraft motion cueing reproduction
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  • Flight simulator motion cueing
  • Hydraulic motion system optimization
  • Motion cueing actuators
  • Motion cueing algorithms
  • Motion drive algorithms (MDA)
  • Motion perception threshold
  • Pilot vestibular system
  • Psychophysiological measurements
  • Simulator motion platform
  • Washout high-pass filter
  • Washout low-pass filter