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  • To investigate the consequences of an impact of an external object (e.g., hail, runway debris, birds, or a drone) on a structure (e.g., aircraft, UAV/UAM, or a wind turbine)?
  • To assess the frangibility of structures against the impact with aircraft?
  • To determine the extent of the damage caused by an impact on a composite or metal structure?
  • To assess the impact of a broken propeller or high-velocity shrapnel due to compressor failure?
  • To evaluate the damage tolerance of an impacted component for certification (EASA/FAA) purposes?
  • Capabilities to model different types of impact events and simulate the consequences on the damaged structure
  • Specific knowledge of impact on thick composite components
  • Experience with Hyper/High/Low velocity impact
  • In-house models for drones and a validated bird impact model
  • Knowledge of damage initiation and propagation models for different materials (metals and composites), enabling to predict the evolution of the damage in the structure
  • Testing facilities to reproduce the impact events
  • Non-destructive technologies to visualize the impact damage and quantify its size and extension
  • Safety assessment of flight and 3rd party risks
  • Policy support in identifying risks and setting acceptable levels of safety


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