Do you need
What we have
  • To determine static or dynamic behaviour of your (curved) panel or (sub-) component,
  • To determine static or dynamic behaviour of joints of your (fuselage) panel or (sub-) component
  • To determine the knock-down impacts or other deficits have on your panel or (sub-) component,
  • Determine or even certify the buckling behaviour of your panel.
  • To demonstrate the fatigue properties of your curved fuselage panel bi-axially loaded

Do you need all this in an ambient environment or do you require low (-55 deg C), even cryogenic temperatures (-180 deg C), or elevated (80 deg C) or quite hot (120 deg C), temperatures. Does the air need to be dry or humid, corrosive or even worse. Does your panel need to be saturated with water or not.

A wide variety of panel and (sub-) component testing facilities, including inspection and calibration systems, ranging from static to dynamic testing. We are used mimic in our test conditions aerospace, space and off-shore environments.

We perform static, fatigue and damage tolerance testing, according to international standards or to your own specifications. We also execute evaluation and qualification programmes.

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